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Kent S. McKenzie, Ph.D.


Dr. Mckenzie is the Director of the Rice Experiment Station and a plant breeder working on administration, foundation seed production, and rice breeding research and support for projects at RES including those of UC and USDA cooperators.


Doctor of Philosophy in Genetics, University of California, Davis, 1980

Master of Science in Agronomy, University of California, Davis, 1977

Bachelor of Arts in Biology, Willamette University, 1975


Director of RES, California Cooperative Rice Research Foundation, Inc. (CCRRF) 2000

Plant Breeder, CCRRF RES, 1988

Associate Professor and Rice Breeder, Louisiana State University, RRS, 1981

Assistant Professor and Rice Breeder, University of Arkansas, RREC, 1980


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Articles and Registrations

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McKenzie, K.S., M.C. Rush, and D.E. Groth. 1986.  Registration of two disease resistant germplasm lines of rice. Crop Science 26:839-840.


Member, California Rice Commission Technology Committee

Member, California Rice Certification Act Advisory Board

USA Rice Federation Regulatory Affairs & Food Safety Committee, Sustainability Committee

2014 USA Rice Industry Award Recipient

California Agricultural Leadership Program Class XXIX (2000)

Chairman 1994-1998 Rice Crop Germplasm Committee

Member, Crop Science Society of America

Member of International Association of Cereal Chemists, Rice Division
Vice Chairman 1997-98, Chairman 1998-1999

Member, Rice Technical Working Group

Co-chairman Rice Blast Disease Task Force 1997