About Us

Breeding Program Summary
     The primary mission of CCRRF RES is the development of improved rice varieties of all grain and market types to sustain high and stable grain yield and quality with minimum environmental impact for the benefit of  California rice growers. . . . more
Mission and Funding
     Rice variety development research is primarily funded by California Rice Research Board (CRRB) that manages funds received from all California rice producers through California Rice Research Program (CRRP) assessments. The CRRB acts under the authority of the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA). The CRRB finances approximately 80% of the RES annual budget and 20% is derived from the sale of foundation rice seed to seed growers. . . . more
Organization and Policy
     Policy and administration of RES is the responsibility of an 11-member Board of Directors elected by the CCRRF membership. Directors serve a three-year term and represent geographical rice growing areas of California. They are rice growers and serve without compensation. CCRRF works to serve all California rice growers and its policies generally reflect those of public institutions such as UC. . . . more
Major Breeding Objectives
     Rice research at RES in 2012 will continue toward the primary objective of developing improved rice varieties for California. Project leaders will concentrate efforts on developing rice varieties for the traditional medium, short, and long-grain market classes. Research efforts will continue to improve and develop specialty rice such as waxy (mochi or sweet) rice, aromatic rice, and others as an adjunct breeding effort. Major breeding emphasis will continue on improving grain quality, yield and disease resistance. . . . more