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Notice of Naming and Release of Rice

Cultivar ‘Calhikari-202’

The California Cooperative Rice Research Foundation, Inc. (CCRRF), the University of California Agricultural Experiment Station, and the United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service (USDA-ARS), announce the naming and release of a new rice cultivar Calhikari-202.

Calhikari-202 is an early, semidwarf, pubescent, premium quality short-grain cultivar. It is a selection from the Rice Experiment Station (RES) 1995 winter greenhouse cross R20885 and has the pedigree Koshihikari*2/S-101//Koshihikari/S-101/3/Hitomebore. The female parent Koshihikari*2/S-101//Koshihikari/S-101, 05P104, is a sister line of the progenitor of Calhikari-201. Hitomebore is a premium quality Japanese short grain variety. Calhikari-202 is the product of pedigree breeding utilizing a Hawaii winter and RES nurseries for generation advance and purification. It was evaluated in large plot yield tests since 2005 under the experimental designation 04Y177. Seedling vigor scores, plant height, and lodging averaged 4.8 and 5.0; 35 and 36 inches; and 49 and 33 % for Calhikari-202 and Calhikari-201, respectively. Plot yields from 2008-11 UC Statewide Yield tests 8750 and 8392 lbs/acre for Calhikari-202 and Calhikari-201, respectively. Days to heading average about 3 days earlier than Calhikari-201.   Harvest moisture milling studies showed a small head rice advantage over Calhikari-201 and cooking quality evaluations from samples provided to several major rice marketing organizations gave superior scores to Calhikari-202.

Calhikari-202 is adapted to the current rice growing areas in California where Calhikari-201 and Koshihikari are being planted.Approximately 88 cwt of foundation seed was produced in 2011 at RES. The Certification Technical Committee of the California Crop Improvement Association approved Calhikari-202 for certification in California. Application is being made to protect Calhikari-202 under the U.S. Plant Variety Protection Act, Title V option, and for a utility patent. Breeder and Foundation seed of these cultivars will be maintained by California Cooperative Rice Research Foundation, P.O. Box 306, Biggs, CA 95917-0306