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New Rice Varieties
S-202 is the newest california short grain variety released by RES M-210, a blast resistant medium grain bred by RES Calaroma-201, the first California-bred Jasmine-type long grain
S-202 is an early, glabrous, very high yielding conventional short grain variety released in 2019. It is recommended as an alternative to S-102
M-210 is an early, high yielding, resistant to blast disease, Calrose-type medium grain variety released in 2018. It has similar attributes to M-206 and is adapted in areas where M-206 is grown.
Calaroma-201 is an early, high yielding, Jasmine-type long grain variety released in 2018. CJ-201 for short, it is the very first aromatic long grain variety of its kind released by RES. It has quality attributes that can compete with imported Jasmine rice.
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The Rice Experiment Station Annual Rice Field Day
is on Wednesday,
August 28, 2019,
in Biggs, CA.
     We will see you there!
RES Rice Variety Profile
Grain Attributes of RES Varieties
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